Murder Follows Me (Psychopathic Rydas)

When I sit back Thank to myself How mutha fuckin fucked up The World has become It seem like violence, is the only things us mutha fuckas know nowaday Every time I turn around Everywhere I look It's anotha mutha fucka killin' anotha mutha fucka And that's some mutha fuckin' fucked up shit, mutha fucka (Fuck right) Murder follows me wherever I go Just the other day Somebody shot they school up At least that's what I been hearing everytime I turn the news up My momma said that there'd be shit like this I never seen it C'mon and hit on my blunt and reminice Now I ask myself Is there a way to make it stop A way to make the gats not pop And is it possible For me to live the way I need to live For me to get what I need to get And give all that I need to give My situations getting major by the second That fool that shot his whole school up Just turned eleven (Whaaa?) And ain't no body even thinkin' bout it And for that I hope that every time you sleep you have a dream about it Up in my hood it's like a warzone If somebody got a problem with somebody They don't last long I seem 'em dyin' every god damn day And the worst thing about it I don't think it's shit I just say it So a... The way of my love Is like ultra man meets the sun I need to be killin' someone I won't go 2 days without fillin' some graves Drag 'em in the sewers My underground caves I kill a bitch and then hide in my trunk Except if they come and find me I will cry like a punk I just look into the camera And say mamma I'm sorry But it's all your fault You never bought me atari Murder follows me Everywhere that I turn Psychopathic Rydas But we never seem to learn I just attract mad love Wit my black trucks and black chucks And what's up Since I'm strictly givin' no fucks Murder's on my tail I don't think I'm gonna last I'ma leave my lip fatter Than Rikishi ass If I get chance I can't resist that dance With the devil I'm on another level Underneath the gravel I'm just a thang that go bump in the night And that bump be the back of your head off a lead pipe (a lead pipe) I'm relaxed feelin good Knowin' I'ma mutha fuckin' menace to my neighborhood Murder I take it, break it down, and analyze it Manslaughter, murder one, murder two, can't hide it Everywhere I go vSomebody try and take me Pistol out my pocket, and I cock it and make 'em history And there I go Wizzle, third body today This how I killin' mutha fuckas Won't go away I leave trails every time I walk down the street Bystanders hoes and dealers stretched out bloody Leave no traces And even the cops is paid off Ain't tryin to see encarceration Makes ya soft 16 in the clip Runnin' the chamber jello Maybe it's all in my brain But it seems like murder follows Shit's crazy in the ghetto Every motha fuckin' day A nigga on parol Now I gotta find a way Ta get back on my feet Gotta call Lil Shank up Walkin' to the crib Saw nigga get throat cut Blood rushed out As the nigga started coughin' Ain't shit a nigga could do I kept walkin' Got to the crib Then I put the call in The homie told me meet me at 9 We get to ballin' Get my chucks on Headed back on the block Got to tha corner See anotha sucka get shot Look like he caught heat from an AK Semi-auto aint no escape when bullets spray The young brotha took like six in the chest One str8 shot lay the little kid to rest And the little girl looks to be about ten Somebody got to tell her ma that she'll never see her again Everywhere we go from the suburbs to the hoods of the ghetto Where the little niggas grow I used to be a little nigga myself And learn quick Momma insisted that they focus on my mutha fuckin' wealth All I had was my dogs And my ma's kept it tight Tell me, "Shank do momma proud and do somthin' with ya life" Don't waste your time tryin' to be anotha useless thug Locked up like your cuzin tryin' to sell some drugs Your the only one left in this family tree Anotha year past Now my momma 53 And ain't a damn thing changed in my life at all Stickin' niggas for they paper Make my bank a cap tall And perhaps a mutha fucka catch a slug in the chest He not a trooper If he was, he woulda had a fuckin' vest I ain't got time to consider The right thing to do Besides the right thing to do don't always pay for bills and food