Plug Dat Puss (Psychopathic Rydas)

FULL CLIP, PLUG 'DAT PUSS!! Hit it from the back and blow out that bush Tappin' nedens, taggin' nedens, that be my thing Know my bitches from they taggles, muthafuck a name In this game, Clip like Boardwalk in Monopoly Slappin' skins like a madman Blowin' beards off of clams Champion trim getter Wriggilin' meat fitter Gold medal ho hitter Blue ribbon pink tickler LIL' SHANK, PLUG 'DAT PUSS!! Tighten up baby, 'cause I'm startin' to push When it comes to pussy, I'm the cock father If you an ugly bitch tryin' to kick it, don't bother I'm the type of brother that'll put in mad work For bitches wearin' crotchless panties and tight mini-skirts Fuck it till it hurts I'm about to snap So open up yo' legs and let me feel yo' crack TWIN GATS, PLUG 'DAT PUSS!! First put on a show Watch my anaconda start to grow Fee-fi-foe Yo, I smell the one That be playin' with her puss or get me off till I c-izz-um Never kiss em' Is it the b-izz-urp? The words of wisdom Pack protection for my worm when I'm goin' fishin' I'll dick you chick Then I diss you quick The hit and dip Run, get the pistol grip FOE FOE, PLUG 'DAT PUSS!! Gotta get my hands on that fat ass tush With ya belly-button pierced and them thick ass thighs Got you lookin' lil' somethin' like Mary J. Blige Don't mind my eyes They bloodshot From smokin' bout 4 bags of weed in the parking lot So wassup bitch, got a name with them hips? And can you lick my dick like you just licked your lips? BULLET, PLUG 'DAT PUSS!! You wit' it? I'll hit it You feel that? I did it I promise, I'll only put like half my dick in And now I'll eat your neden like a plate of chicken Lickin' Stickin' My tongue in your well I'm doin' that as soon as that blizzard hits hell What? You thought I would? Not the Ryda crew You should holla at Korn, they'll probably eat your butthole too CELL BLOCK, PLUG 'DAT PUSS!! It's been too long since I first got the butt A nut in your mouth Or on your chin Five months ago I met you and I wanted to f**k yo' friend But that wasn't happenin' So I started rappin' About you and me in the back of my van And an hour went by and I turned you out Now creep it to your friend, she'll know what I'm about FULL CLIP, PLUG 'DAT PUSS!! Fuck yeah I'll hit it, but first you gotta douche Fur burgers, bitch, that's my favorite snack Throw the pieces heffer, it's next to that So slide over here, sit on Full Clip's lap 'Cause Full Clip got a full meat he wanna stuff in your buttcrack On top of that, no, f**k that, I'm on top of you Shakin' hips and things When I blew out her O-ring LIL' SHANK, PLUG 'DAT PUSS!! 5 mo' strokes and my nuts gon' gush I hit it from the back, I hit it from the side I let her suck my dick and I nutted in her eye Now, they wonder why they call her Strawberry? 'Cause she's under 35, red-headed, and her pussy hairy Plus she let me bump and f**k And stuff and touch And gimme all I need until my ass has had enough Whut!?!? TWIN GATS, PLUG 'DAT PUSS!! I gotta camoflauge lookin' for the bush They say I'm trifle 'Cause I wanna spit my rifle All up beside you 'cause I can't hold it in I wanna stick this big somethin' in your openin' Tight, two fingers, three fingers, stick my fist in When it's through, stick my dick in Like a nice stickin' Stuffin' up this chicken FOE FOE, PLUG 'DAT PUSS!! Fuck you 'cause I hit that bush It's me again, oh, now you trippin' You wasn't bullshittin' When it's my dick you was lickin' Replace you like the bullets out my gat From emptyin' my clip into your back (Yeah, mama-beetcha, it's like 'dat!) Smash you like a bottle of brew, 'cause you's a trick Fuck that shit, matter of fact, eat a dick Psychopathic in this piece, know about it Leave you hoes flat ass dead, so don't doubt it BULLET, PLUG 'DAT PUSS!! Who 'dat? What 'dat? Hit that? Did that I could f**k your baby-mama, no lie 'Cause she be lookin' at me like, "Hiiii!!" Hey bitch, whoop! whoop! can I plug? I be bustin' drips on your nippy-nappy rug Slap happy thugme dick dribble 'Cause you play with my dick just a little And schwiiiiinnnggg!! CELL BLOCK, PLUG 'DAT PUSS!! Everyday I meet a ho that I know I can't trust But it don't mean nuttin' 'cause I still plug her out Under 18 with a child no doubt Don't matter ho Lemme hit it in the bootyhole But if it be smellin' like fish Bitch You gots to go