Slug N Ya Noggin (Psychopathic Rydas)

"Yea hold still mother fucka! Hold still mother fucka! uhh Stepped in the spot, Rydas set deep Some faggot ass mother fucker wanna get his peep on I said "relax, i'm taggin' this kids bitch" Besides, my trigger finger startin' to itch Fool steps up startin' to wanna talk shit Two steps back (ping) bust him in his fuckin' lip Fallin' to the floor the mother fucker keeps talkin' So I pulled my shit, he gotta slug in the noggin "Slug in ya noggin" Slug in ya noggin "Slug in ya noggin" Ya better think twice "Slug in ya noggin" Slug in ya noggin "Slug in ya noggin" Whole in ya head aint nice My turn? Wait, lemme check this One bullet, oh damn...I miss And ima hafta walk all the way over there and stick somethin' sharp in ya neck..wack Lookin' nuttin' like a homicidal lunatic I'd rather just shoot you and be done with it Forget it, I aint about to miss Ima leave his eyeball hangin' out like Bushwicks I'm down to peel your cap quick Fuck all this rap shit Your along way from home Inferred beam on your dome Mercy on a hata now I caught you sleepin, creep in With the window open, Foe Foe peepin Heat-seakin', Bullets no bullshit, second guess us Have your family up in black dresses I'm a thug, who only need one slug, no love First shot punches likes time clock You better back up bitch 'for I peel your wig back Or your face get cracked by my Louisville bat You punk mother fucker, why you still talkin' shit? Don't you know I be from the Ryda cliq? I be Cell Block, and if ya wanna fight Bring it on mother fucker 'cuz tonites the night For you to meet your maker at the end of the fall Because Rydas are known to put slugs in ya noggin (Shaggy 2 Dope) First things first, I done capped one kid tonite Now this mother fucker, wanna flap his jaw at the stop light yo, i'm a Ryda, I don't give a f**k who ya know Bitch, i'm Full Clip, so I pulled him out his window Beefs came to beefs and yo, i'm by myself He had 320, and reachin' everything on the top shelf However big I don't give a f**k you know the slogin Cock the gat back, booya! slug in ya noggin [Chorus x4]....n'nice...y'yea