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Stay Small (The Receiving End of Sirens)

Son, I'm sorry for this world, And all the awful things she'll do to you. If you only knew what you'd endure before you were born, I haven't got a single doubt, You would have not come out, And I would have known it was for the better. You'll be raped of any evidence, Of ever owning any innocence. This culture's a vulture, And your prime candidate for prey. I've learned that I will lose all that I've ever loved one day, But I never thought I'd ever have to watch it all go, Or wish it all away. I know you''ll grow, But I wish I knew you'd stay small if I said so. Please just don't grow. Please just don't grow. Stay small. Won't you stay small? Daddy's little girl met the world, I watched the devil do his work. If only she knew just how sorry I was for her. I found not a single prayer, Could save my daughter from despair, As long as she stayed in love with this place. It's because I truly love her, That I wish to take back the sperm, That brought her here in the first place. Little did I know when the egg met the semen, That my new baby girl, Like her dad would dance with demons. We watch the devil do his work in us. I watch the devil do his work.