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Undead (Entrails)

Being all alone at midnight Walking through the cemetery The moon in full, it freaks me out The earth begins to quake I turn my head around my shoulder And see a hand coming from the ground Thinking what the f**k is going on? The gate is locked, I am trapped [Chorus:] The dead are walking at the cemetery Hungry for flesh and thirsty for blood A thick fog of rotten stench I try to hide from the shadows of death They seek for human souls Empty my head and scream for my life I had to make my escaping clear How to run, how to hide Grabbed a pole and began to smash Their heads cracked as they fell to the ground I was killing zombies that night Dead things drooling for my flesh What the hell woke 'em up? Can I somehow make them die? I was running, I was hiding Looking for a thing to do Found a gas can, spread the fuel Lit a fire and made them burn [Chorus]