Unleashed Wrath (Entrails)

With hatred as strength towards humanity Taking actions against mankind's stupidity Fools! You are nothing but worms Fools! You live on my terms Confront me and you will die As will those passing by When begun, there's no stopping me Another bloody massacre complete [Chorus:] Fools, you worthless fools Your blood is on my hands I need for you to bleed Now face my unleashed wrath Remorseless, no regrets I've killed before, and I'm not done yet Have no fear of being caught Others feel empathy, I do not Have no fear of being caught I do not feel empathy In this world of shit With my massive collection of weaponry I can act out in supreme devilry Human victims is my monthly feast Every time I kill off thirteen at least A quick stab with the blade of a knife Warm blood gushing, and draining a life I love the feeling, the colour, the smell Do not wish for heaven, I'd rather be in hell [Chorus]