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Be Alright (The Supervillains)

Alarm clock say hello to my dying head I woke up on the wrong side of the bed And I didn't really get any sleep last night I just thought about things that I shouldn't have said The days all seem to run together now I won't to feel better but I don't know how I reach for the bottle and it's not there Last night was the wrong night to learn to share And I know that things can't really be that bad And I know that I won't start feeling better Until I stop feeling so damn bad' It's gonna be alright I just want to say 'what the fuck are you doing'? You don't even care about the people that you're screwin' Or the lives that you ruin Rationalize with just one word: legalize Well I'm sick and fucking tired of people lying to me Is something wrong with me? Do I got a disease? You single me out because I smoke weed Well I don't get in fights, and I'll never OD It's just like sodomy, you know neither are legal But we do 'em anyway If I smoke weed and YOU smoke weed, Then WE smoke weed: It's unity ALL DAY!! Do we cause that much of a threat? Go ahead and wrap your plastic around my head So I looked at the clock and it's twenty past four And I'm still high for the night before I wanna find some roaches on the floor Ya know what I'm really looking for I want to smoke a joint that lasts forever I want to drink a beer that never goes warm Gets you drunk with no hangover Twice a week I'll try to stay sober