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Crippy Weed (The Supervillains)

Osama wants me dead because I smoke sensi It's not a war anyway it's become an atrocity To a million different people, the truth finally comes: We're all pounding the same beat on different drums To a government that lies to her children help us, we're rebellious But there's another side of the problem here Of dear, your kids live in fear We scream and pray you hear Now everybody's running and everybody's coming Everybody's got something to say Get caught with weed and you'll be back on the street Is that the price we must pay? I want to fly away I'll land when I'm safe to stay I wanna get high today But lately I'm too afraid I got 2 pounds of crippy weed Riding through St. Cloud, woah Driving down 192 Got the reggae music cranked loud, woah Everybody's looking for the ganja But they don't gotta go up to orange If life is a big fat spliff Then take a big fat whiff of this chronic shit No time to rise up against 'em Rude boys been charged by the system All I can do is resist 'em But I'm tired of being the victim More dead from police violence, you cannibals Adds more guilt to the conscience The voice that you cannot silence I'm not down with the crack rock I just smoke pot and I don't want to be fucked with People if you're down with the purple It's time to get verbal Or this is what you're gonna be stuck with