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Ex-girlfriend (The Supervillains)

Hey babe, I'm sorry to say Things had to end this way We look forward to the bitter end Still you want to be my friend No, it's worth it just to say baby That you never made me feel loved (no no no) I know because I've been there before (1, 2, 3, 4) I turned my back one day And you looked the other way Was that innocent I'll say in my defense ??? I should have at times You treated me like shit But gettin' away from you was the very very best thing I could do And I know we had our times Two people can't love if the other one's a victim I know because I've been there before Ooh baby baby baby Why did you give those crabs to me? I know 'cause it burns when I pee But two mother fuckers can't love If one of em's gonna be a big dumb slut (oh no no no) I know because I put it in your butt You wanted me to treat you like shit You never wanted to be my friend Fuck you bitch ??? You rejected every ??? You told me I was fucking dumb But I won't be cumin' on your tits again (Fuck off!)