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St.thomas (The Supervillains)

I want to go home to St. Thomas You better leave your woman at home in St. Thomas Because she's not your girlfriend, just your turn Better settle down because you might get burned There's a whole lot left to learn about St. Thomas Well the first thing that you notice about St. Thomas Is that the island is so full of alcoholics And if you're looking white, then you ain't right It'll take you all night to reach Havensight On the wrong side of the road in St. Thomas There's lots of fun diseases in St. Thomas Pick and choose your STD's in St. Thomas Got a crotch-rot-twat with a side of fleas And a double douche burger with vaginal cheese So get your girlfriend off of her knees in St. Thomas K-mart sucks my ass in St. Thomas So we went to the gas and grass in St. Thomas You can get a dime bag or 2 or 3 And have enough weed for you and her and me Lets all go get irie in St. Thomas Our saxophone player bought some fake weed in St. Thomas So we traded it for mushroom tea down in St. Thomas And now I'm on a hunt for that muddascunt Who sold him that fake blunt I'm out of money, so please front me some ganja There's a rastaman watching from the forest up in St. Thomas To keep his crop from all of the tourists down in St. Thomas But is he gardening? No, in his garden grows Enough weed for a brontosaurus Till I found the clitoris in St. Thomas