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You Got Me (The Supervillains)

Pretty baby don't start a fight I can see it in your eyes but please don't do it tonight Don't say you wanna leave cause I've got plans for you Well if your gonna leave then screw you anyway I can find a new girl by the end of the day She won't leave till I tell her to get out Why can we just enjoy each other? We're always fighting all the time We could stop and be lovers Or we could break up and that would be just fine Girl when I'm with you I'm high Like I've been smoking sensimilia all night My arms get heavy and my eyes get stuck I feel my knees shake and I know I'm hooked Please don't tell me It's time to go I'm all alone and I need you so Tell me you'll stay the whole night through Girl you got me jonesin for you Pretty baby don't get so mad When I say I gotta leave and go on tour with my band When I get back things will be just fine If your not here when I get back Like I said before it will be no sweat off my sack It's too bad I thought we were a good match