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Fight Song (The Appleseed Cast)

And there on the stairs, standing there, arm outstretched, point and glare, watching the love, fall to our feet, into the floor to disappear. We're finding fault, you kissed her or you slept with him, or you didn't care? Now it all breaks, disintegrates. Well this is the last thing I'll take because I can't face you now. This is the end, there's nothing to keep. This is the end of you and me. As the ice comes down it's the end, as the lies come out it's the end, as the tears flow out it's the end. it's the end of you and me, So we'll look out on the lake and we see the white light. I said it was gold. It should have been gold. Then maybe all the crazy things you said would have some meaning, but this thing we have made it can't stop, it won't stop? and I can't face you now. Take your troubles solo, this is the end of you and me.