The American Dream (Trooper)

Well I was there in Memphis The day after Elvis died But I never went to Graceland 'Cause I didn't wanna miss my ride I've been down in Louisiana Spent a night in New Orleans But I never did sleep well enough To dream the American Dream I flew into New York City Another face in the crowd They took me in a limousine To an office up above the clouds They say one and one is three Nothin's as it seems Well I didn't sleep at all that night So I missed the American Dream I drove through a freezin' winter Through the middle of the great heartland Spend my nights at truck stops My days with the country fans Rollin' on 'til daybreak Sleeping in my jeans But I don't think dreamin' of home Is the American Dream Well I've been down to Hollywood Well I've been to LA Where people shook my hand While they were looking the other way Where everyone was dreamin' Everyone but me Well I'm sorry But I don't believe The American Dream Hey, hey, get outta my way I just got back from the USA