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Act Of Grace (Virgin Snatch)

Conducted by nation's fears over several hundred years Two thousand eight Still Pay the bill I am sick of hearing this! Election, Rejecton Painful memories we recall Defending liberty license to practice another war! SACRIFICE IN THE FIGHT! SAY WE HAVE TO STAND UP TO DIE! WIDE-EYED LIBERALS NOW YOU SEE. WHAT THIS ALL MEANS TO ME RIGHT NOW! NEED MORE TROOPS IN THE SOUTHERN PART ALL AROUND HEAR YOUR LIES DESERVE TO EXILE YOU THINK WE'RE PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU? Time to face your fucking lies Through our blood. the beast shall rise Compromise it's all I seek Left to Right Strong. weak & prick!!! Same stories about glory Reality is breaking loose Devoid of emotion Waiting for a day that never comes! All I can remember. Mercy in your eyes Gesture of your claw hidden scars Till you come and take. all is fake You Motherfucker! Just keep on pretending One way to survive Beautiful, Powerful giant who take the fools No need You!