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Daniel The Jack (Virgin Snatch)

Welcome to the bad new world As mad as the liquid gold. yeah! I taste the fuckin' meat every day Holding the whiskey bottle in my hand! Like a hawk looking for the prey. The way to the another shot So drink with me All and more You will not see the day you saw before So if you wake up with splitting headache Don't say we didn't warn you! So if you fake Addicted. convicted for whiskey Daniel the jack. grand jim and johnie To many whiskey. so many stories Popular brands - the way to satisfy me Come in to the dark world where I dwell Get carried way with red-head taste! Put nose as close to the jack as you can Let it warm up a bit - the best liquid Like the night waiting for the day I want to tell you we are far from base No escape these boozer walls Sit back. get a drink. enjoy we fall Feel the warmth of liquid joy Yes. I know I have to go Some old whiskies taste like fuck So daniel only. only jack! Jack! Just jack! She's got the fuckin' jack! Hold the drink up to your mouth Tilt the glass and watch it run If you're done. go buy a round Swallow next jack and have fun