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Deprived Of Dignity (Virgin Snatch)

You Can't Back Down In Misery Like A Bird In A Storm Still Suffering Open Your Mind, Your Memory Say What You Called Taking The Crown Through Out Your Speech My Promised Land No Crime, No Lies Still Purifies Now Try To Bite Now Try To Kill Now I Can See The Destiny You Deal Let Me Ask You Who Is The Highest Ain't No Difference Now Can You Lie Conspiracy Fighting Is Useless Let Me Say: Deprived of Dignity Find It, Absorb To Bride The Beast To Catch, Release I Don't Belive You Choose This Way Laughter And Tears Where Is The God You Justify Like A Spark In The Dark Obscurity Ideas, New Plans Morality Clean Hands You Dignified Where Is The God You Justify Deprived Of Dignity Promise Land For Your False Purity Where Is The God You Justify Let Me Ask You Did You Ever Die Ain't No Difference How Can You Lie Celibacy New Morality Let Me Say: For Your False Purity