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Horn Of Plenty (Virgin Snatch)

Don't want to hear about the history you are faking It's something you can't refuse Watching while legend dies Another miracle: genuine horn of plenty Never believe benefactor All the prize For your lies What the fuck? Wake up! SO CHANT YOUR SLOGAN LOUD AND WAVE YOUR PARTY FLAGS ANOTHER COUNTRY TOUR PICK UP THE SEVERAL BUCKS Plenty of power 'Forever' is the name All goods for us! Profusion drivers you mad Running through my brain It's easy to achieve. You play a public servant Remember This before we vote Of course We vote! Memory of it fades Abuse of competence! Forever claim to fame Don't want to think about The Power You are taking How long will You keep it Another re-union. Nothing has changed! Give me more plenty words I feel I know lust from greed It's something I can't get rid Take a bid Plenty is no plague PLENTY IN ALL OF ITS FORMS FOR LIFE. FOR MONEY. FOR KNOWLEDGE. FOR LOVE I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU RICH THAT YOU CAN AFFORD EVERYTHING One day the money's going to stop No budget for your crap I will wait for this day! You say the Plenty in no plague!