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Oh Girl (The Chi-Lites)

Oh, girl I'd be in trouble if you left me now Cause I don't know where to look for love I just don't know how Oh, girl How I depend on you To give me love when I need it Right on time you would always be All my friends call me a fool They say, â??Let the woman take care of youâ?? So I try to be hip and think like the crowd But even the crowd can't help me now, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, girl Tell me what am I gonna do I know I've got a guilty face Girl, I feel so out of place, oh, yeah, yeah Don't know where to go, who to see, yeah Oh, girl I guess I better go I can save myself a lot of useless tears Girl, I've gotta get away from here Oh, girl Pain will double if you leave me now Cause I don't know where to look for love And I don't, I don't know how Oh, yeah Mmm, hmm Oh, girl Why do I love you so, yeah Mmm Better be on my way, I can't stay Have you ever seen such a helpless man Oh, oh, no