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The Unbearable Lightness Of Telling The Truth (Thalidomide)

Don't ever want to be like me! I'm a snowball rolling down the hill, a tornado raging in the field, swallowing all and throwing it up again and again, until I find your weakness and shoot to kill. Nothing but mess is all I yield... I'm a kamikaze bomber, I'm an endless bummer, I'm a lie, I’m more than you see. I'm a thalidomide treatment, a day of atonement, I'm a lie, I’m more than you see. I'm a honest politician, a conformist punk, a blind driver, a straight edge drunk, a harmless weapon, a faithful whore, I'm a lie and much more... Why everyone is just like me? Why everyone wants to be me? Don’t ever want to be like me! I'm a song with no words a blank verse that tells nothing, no meaning to convey, just hints that lead you astray. I'm a fable with no moral, I’m sick and tired of all, a tragedy with good end. and it was so even before. I'm an endless day and never-ending night, an everlasting love, and unending plight. I'm a thrilling boredom, an absolute truth, an unquestionable right, and the eternal youth. I'm a lie. I'm an ideal life and fulfilled American dream. I'm Hollywood happiness, I just ain't what it seems. Because I'm an unbearable lightness of telling the truth I'm a lie! I'm you! I'm a fucking song with no words, a blank verse that tells nothing. Sorry, no meaning to convey.