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Feels Good (The Ambassador)

[Hook] It feels good—'cause I know that I'm gonna cry But I know where I go when I die It feels good—I don't have to know how to fly Just walk on the road with my God It feels good—when you don't have to run from the cops And duck when they come to the block It feels good—not to be duped by a lie But know how to use the truth to survive [Verse 1] Used to be a time when I was bound in chains Flesh rumblin'—kind of like the sound of trains Faith dead—kind of like what's found in James Heaven's hound turned me around and now I'm changed And it sounds strange until you see the way they start to Live clean and free—they're like AJ's partner Even in regular stuff whether it's cheddar or not He gets glory from the sacred and secular—yep! The lesson is what This—there's a life to get More than clubs, more than ice and Cris That life's a trick Treated with a hyped to get You to forget without Christ true life was missed [Hook] [Verse 2] It feels good to be saved from the mindset That I ain't have a story just because I wasn't raised in the projects Still makin' the progress; embracin' the process If you're an ex-thug please take it in context 'Cause I ain't comin' at your neck but I recall when I thought That I couldn't reach a thug laden with crime Plus I've been delivered from feeling so out of place 'Cause I ain't fit like figure eights in a prom dress The state of my mind's just been transformed by the truth And God's Spirit when I faced the divine text And now I'm free from the idea that to reach a thug I had to be a thug The grace is of God—yes! [Hook] [Verse 3] It feels good—to be able to control tongue And if you get chumped not to have to load a gun It feels good—to have green to get gasoline Though the car has no dubs and no plasma screens It feels good—just go to New York with wifee, Duce and Meesh To see Beauty and the Beast It feels good—yea, to hit the studio and breeze Back to the ranch and fulfill our duty as the priest It feels good—in New York to go to Junior's for a cheesecake Then come back to Philly 'cause you really wanna cheese-steak It feels good—to take a Bible in a Starbucks And read all about the God who hung the moon and the stars up It feels good—just to sit and eat Dungeness crabs nd have talk about our wondrous Dad It feels good—just to know that your temple is clean You don't need much more just the simpler things