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Get You Open (The Ambassador)

[Hook] We goin' get you op... we goin' get you open Ready or not I gotta tell you from the top it's on Christ is God, for Him I've got to rock this joint I was born around the same time Hip-Hop was formed Vacant lots were swarmed, kids from the block performed Soon cocky's norm Rappers and cocky form Went together like college and sloppy dorms But the flows were butter like poppin' corn And the shows would get you hyped like Rocky horns Some couldn't understand why Poppy warned "Stay away" till the day when rappers like Biggie and Pac were gone But prior Christ came and got me on Taught me not to trust in the biological clock we're on We're in the age where the caps are peeled Even in school young guns'll have you runnin' like track and field And life after the casket's real And since that's the deal His word gets spilled when I grasp the steel Forget mass appeal my heavenly Dad can deal With making His word something that all cats can feel I'll let grace talk 'cause grace stalks the stray hearts She's got something in store that's super like K-Marts [Hook] Do you see what I see? Hip-Hop is a drug and it's got the city plugged like an IV Gotta give it up—it's the voice of the streets It doesn't take much—just a voice and a beat You can keep a crowd hyper Control the souls of a whole generation kind of like a modern Pied Piper Face it; today ya favorite rapper's the icon That's gotta hold on you like the wrap of a python Lights on—Christ is the hype jawn For Him I've gotta get my write on So whether in the streets or in the booth I'm a get at you, and I'm a prove you don't need the gin and juice Mommie you don't gotta—DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT And if you do it 'cause you wanna—STOP IT LIKE IT'S NOT Son if you like the gangsta mind... think of where them gangstas wind [Hook] Nix your smarts I know one who tricks the smart Slick's his art; his canvas is your wicked heart You're in a spiritual fog and it's thick and dark And like a spiritual frog you get picked apart But I know One who'll fix the heart Trust me he'll set you free like the girl from 106 and Park So shine your light like when a wick gets sparked And if you don't give him props then the bricks'll talk We switched up, we switched the pitch up The lyrical mixture is fully loaded with Scripture But some are fancy and cute When people can't understand They say, "ahh you just can't handle the truth." Nah the bad news is; while the gospel's an offense lack of clarity and substance just adds to it So leave out the trivial tricks Moms and kids can both love it—kind of like the cereal Kix [Hook]