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Hold Your Ground (The Ambassador)

Chorus: Look at all the time men are wastin' Dying for lack of this information And we're not just thrilled to be giving it out We're skilled at living it out Heels, we're diggin' them out Grab your cross, plus hold it down stand strong young soldier, hold your ground Stickin' Christian flag poles in the ground Rep what you believe and soon you'll receive your golden crown [Verse 1] It goes like this: there's not a single soul righteous A plague's struck us like a boxing pro's tight fist Hearts are cold like ice is you know what the price is Separation like a divorced husband and wife is Life is a climb up the hill like Lauren and Cypress Man without Christ is like keyboards without a typist God's gripe is with sin and we who seem to like it Instead of snipe it we'll call Williams so he can hype it But if you saw the measuring rod that God was holdin' you'd know you fall shorter than Webster and Gary Coleman The whole man---mind, body, and soul---sin's controlin' It's like you're programmed and need cleansing like a colon Hit the dugout, 'cause ever since we told God to butt out We've been scoreless like a wack team that's being shut out We cut out God like a coupon, won't trust Him like we won't two cons So days are gray like Poupon Full of pain like a toe with two corns with small shoes on Not the same - like Star Wars before Luke's born God can see the cu' form. Who's side are you on? Infinite wisdom - versus the brains of a newborn Dangerous like unskilled men putting a roof on. Deadly like firing every single nuke-bomb [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 2] Jesus went out on a limb so He could deal with sin And be the bridge to bring sinful men back to Him I heard he was the Surgeon, I heard He ripped the curtain Now God and man can start mergin' Virgin's exclusivity is what He's after The Master's captured hearts, we'll marry at the rapture I hear the laughter but what's worth giving up the chance to see the Son of God in a tux It's a pain I can only go cry on a train ride Brains fried from the ism and the saint Ives Ain't wise yet the whole earth's on the same side Them against the God who made the earth and His name's I Am That I Am, Jesus Son of Man He be the Lamb and Daddy to Uncle Sam Universal land lord or the Supreme court heaven's king, earth's life support Boy, sin's got you locked, you're mad spoiled But like aluminum, you humans will get your plans foiled Your heart be the soil, I've got the seed The word of God, it's heard a broad and it starts breeds of Believers Jesus look a likes God lovers, sin haters, look the mic Can be used as a tool to voice God's views Jesus must be the choice all choose All loose if they snooze on the One bruised Arms are too short and can't fit the Son's shoes On the one –two's the good news comes to all men Who truly went out on a limb [Repeat Chorus]