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I Love You Jesus (The Ambassador)

[Chorus: Erica Arthur] I love you Jesus, yes I do I love you Jesus, yes it's true I love you Jesus, yes I do I love you Jesus, yes it's true [Verse 1] Satan is the choice of the majority Jesus seems to be the choice of only the minority But He's the ultimate authority we call it sovereignty The most pre-eminent so He's got the most seniority-follow me Without restraint who knows how hard the heart'll be The world, flesh, and devil formed a three-man comradely And my block could be proof and so can anthropology Sin has long since become man's hottest commodity Everything from robbery to Sodomy To improperly getting cash to girls who flash like photography Without properly understanding biblical prophecy You can't possibly see where the stop will be [Chorus repeat] [Verse 2] Meet the God who died for me enduring all the verbal mockery Got to be cause He loves me like women love a shoppin' spree His agape be the love that got to me, He adopted me Now I'm in the family and I'm God's property And periodically some youth will want to copy me As I copy the Saviour so no more living sloppily And as I start to get wobbly, God'll be Mercy and Grace the ultimate team like cheese and broccoli They make up for what we lack 'cause of our poverty Fills in the gaps and the cracks up in our pottery I believe I'ma die for sure not probably "Or you can get raptured" - you're right, possibly But I'ma share my philosophy, logically I know I don't want hell Galapagos are too hot for me If it's not for free and salvation's got a fee I can't stand it I'm like Titanic out to sea Sure to be abandoned like bad stocks will be But no need cause Christ hit the jackpot for me That's why I love Him [Chorus repeat] [Verse 3] You know the world she's my ex-girl she keeps calling' me Cause we used to go together kind of like your cars and keys I was a fool, but we were cool as an autumn breeze 'Til I met the God who parted seas-pardon me I had some bad rap and R&B Ought to be considered as dangerous as clogged arteries The flesh and Spirit's been warring like dogs and fleas The God in me told me He's attacking all disease It's getting hard for me to ignore the spiritual part of me That wants to hear Christ and not just lyrical artistry I want to please the One who stretched out His arms for me And though I failed Him He let the nail Him on a tree By now you're probably on to me I think the Son's hot, hotter than high noon summer street corners be To the only God who gave a Son because He wanted me To Him all the praise, all the glory, and the honor be [Chorus repeat]