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Oh Wretched Man (The Ambassador)

Oh wretched man- the problem ain't that we rock Timbs That I am- the problem is we've got sin Who shall deliver me?- even with a new start From this body of death?- we need to be freed, we need a new heart Oh wretched man- the problem is not just behavior That I am- the problem is there's rot in your nature Who will deliver me- even with a new start Our Lord- we need to be freed, we need a new heart We're in a hip-hop era full of hip-hop errors Not just the block but the heart's what hip-hop mirrors Somebody told me that we're not naughty I objected and directed their attention to the Top 40 We stopped at the top ten; looked how we propped sin The case was closed when the videos were dropped in From naked females to dirty sex in emails It affects from retail down to the street sales- every detail You can leave the heart unsupervised Watch the heart ask for sin and ask the cashier to please super-size Read Romans and peep your corners for bonus Were gonna be wrong as long as were breathing- we need a Jonah I serve word cause it's what the suburbs and the hood needs Wreckin' the thought that heaven's earned by your goods deeds I'm mad precise when it's the after-life You bank on good deeds but you can't think this "dis-counts" like half the price Sin is genetic it's The reason your appetite for it is husky like that school up in Connecticut Check the Bible for a honest diagnosis Or just smell cause you can tell like chronic halitosis We all sin- you know we each are prone If only humans were affected then to each his own But God sees it and it's reached his throne In him there's no sin Like there's no such thing as pizza bones The spiritual truth- we have no spiritual loot We're bankrupt and we have bad spiritual root Every day we grow bad spiritual fruit We need God to hold back that spiritual boot Whenever God is ready he can break down a sinner Take down a sinner, like I take a steak down for dinner The job of God the Spirit is to pull A person to Christ It's like it's irresistible He makes Christ known Your eyes light up like when the break light's on There's a change- "I've grown" I know it happened to me; I met the Surgeon He changed my heart, there went the blunts and the cursin' Kept on workin', for certain He keeps purgin' Now instead bourbon, I'm fervently reading Spurgeon That blow God handed me Put me on hand and knee Brought a kid that's caramel low like Anthony Now can it be? Got me in His family Reppin' the kingdom of God, droppin' Him on the industry This is the truth, I pray you can catch it fam' Jesus Christ can give life to a wretched man