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Products (The Ambassador)

[Chorus] We be the products of the city life but yet we live for Christ City kids that rip the mic but we're a different type We love God so we hate wrong, and love what's right We love man so it's strong and it's tight [Verse 1] We be the products of the city life, but yet we live for Christ City kids that rip the mic, but we're a different type We shine like a head light watch things get bright We get hype and advertise Christ just like a web sight Rock the baggy gear but shed light, that's how it's meant to be Man peeps the outside, but God looks into me He invented me, and looks within to see my inners Used to see a sinner who sinned, but since Christ He sees a winner Enter into the mind of a Christ urbanite True urban type, yet will still spill the words of life What a blend, young ordinary men, but yet believers In Jesus Who placed us into the ecclesia Let's just see ya pluck us out His hand-no chance We're in a romance, more romantic than a slow dance We hold hands and walk rough streets, we feel the heat from Crews peepin' the flavor of we who be speakin' On behalf of the God that's got wrath He can pour out Put you in a hell blacker then the heads at Moorehouse "Life" choose it-eternal life, you'll never lose it God so loved the world He sent Jesus to die and prove it Who's it that claims to match His matchless demo Of love when love is the Savior's "M.O." Cultural relevance, biblical intelligence God can save souls without my wisdom or my eloquence [Chorus repeat] [Verse 2] Call the Surgeon cause I'm hurtin' The pain has got me staggerin' and swervin' I see the trife life that's in the urban All my brothers' rockin' kufees or a turban Claiming that they're god, or Allah's the god they're servin' But when I say I represent the Person Who made the earth and Present my case without cursin', they say I'm churchin' And on the streets that ain't working, they laugh at me They call themselves god, but they love sinning what audacity There has to be someone who understands, perhaps it be My sisters, but many of them are anti-chastity Sisters vainly hope that all will end well Then tell me how you reject Christ, but love yourself some Denzel For men and women sin's become a trend and a way of livin' Truly the anti Christ, humanist age has risen It's called "self-ism"---the fastest growing religion It's trapping people up like prison I'm on a mission---boots laced, truth, grace, are my topics Biblical optics that can spot even the microscopic God's vision is x-ray, He sees every day plus the next day He sees through your Mary K Let's say He sees all things---for real son Rophe, He heals all pain---we're dealin' With the one God, Savior and the Hope The only One to address the issue of sin like an envelope [Chorus repeat] [Verse 3] I know it's bugged, you feel the tug, God's love is lovin' you But it's the city life, it's too attractive plus it's huggin' you But Satan muggin' you 'cause although you're a hard rock You still don't know where you go when your heart stops All those jokes you make about you'll be in hell partying Sorry and you know those jokes are played out like Atari and No one's laughing 'cause what happens is as soon as you'll Start to laugh you're all at another brother's funeral I'm not the bad guy, nah, I bare the pain with you But God can fix you, you've been torn, let Him re-stitch you I'm just a no name with no fame But I'd hate to see you mistake the real Christ for the man in the 8 x 10 frame It's no game, many people seem to think they've got the truth But truth is a Person-Jesus Christ the absolute I might be fan-less, and friendless and fameless But because my sin debt is paid my name is blameless Who can explain this, only the Lord could arrange this Divine rendezvous reminding you of Perfect Strangers Dig the blend like Tropicana Twister Godly and manly, just another hypostatic mixture [Chorus repeat]