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Selah (The Ambassador)

All rise Jesus the Christ still rules King of kings, Mr. Runnin' things still cool Calm, collective, objective truth slinger, the sword bringer In fact I'm wrapped like a ring on His finger While cops bust glocks and call cars from afar God called the A-M-B-A, double-S, A-D-O-R To grab mics and drop a bomb on ya Well, Selah's the way I can drop some calm on ya buss it Pause think about the infinite, omnipotent, magnificent Mad significant God with an Immutable, immovable, unchangeable Nature non-rearrangable, unattainable Yet slain-able when He tabernacled Among the sinful, unrepentful humans that were shackled I'm baffled—what made the infinite become like finite What made Him leave His throne home for a zone of twilight And why might the rich switch becoming poor in history Leaving the angelic holy x 3 antiphony Becoming a kamikaze, check the way my God shocked the Planet earth with the birth of His agape Don't stop me now, I'm gettin' down, check His beatings Didn't get mad but the Savior kept grieving He created earth for His own reason Yet we make theocracy a mockery when we leave Him Double Selah all the bleedin' Torn, whipped, thorn tips, flesh rips for the heathen A purple rope, they slapped on Him Psalm 22, the Father turn a holy back on Him [Chorus] Selah, pause, think about that Selah, pause calmly think about that Selah, pause calmly think about that Selah, pause calmly think about that Long live the Heart and Mind Dissector, the Ressurector Ruling with an iron scepter forever And forever stops never so it's clever To be down with the One who wears the crown Perfecter of the faith, wait, is He great? Let me demonstrate, I'm able To use my hands to hold the food He put on my table On my way with a check to deposit Outta here with the fly gear from the closet And I get my needs met I know Jehovah Jireh I'm fed daily bread like the ravens fed Elijah Now mind ya, no need to rob I got a job to earn from Street wise, girls, guys, men and woman to learn from God's high power like a third rail, never fail But prevails kickin' up the manna and the quail Drug free, Spirit filled, broken willed and all that I call that God's grace, uh, ain't it all that All for the sins of men from begin to end The cup of wrath was filled up to the rim with grim Love from above all true whatcha gonna do When you stand before the God-man who died for you [Chorus] Selah, I love the way the Savior runs the ranch He's the True Vine and I'm the William Branch Still in the mood for soul food still chewin' God's hand is on the Cross Movement we're doin' The work of evangelical / fundamentalist People, we get into this Jesus Christ the magnificent And the incident at Golgotha—at Calvary Christ paid the wages and sin got its salary Yeshua blessed you the called, chosen, predestined The foreknown, all up in the war zone with weapons Of prayer, faith, biblical shots, praise, love and hope Because it's dope swinging with Messiah like a rope No joke the holy smoke's blazing Check it y'all I'm breathing so tis the season to be praising The Godhead—infinite flavor Let everything that hath breath become a praiser of the Savior He that hath an ear let him hear what I speak But talk is cheap so peep what I repaint over beats And you'll meet the Doer that does The I Am that is, that said, "Let there be..." and there was [Chorus] Selah, pause, think about that Think about the man with a cross on His back Check my rap at the cross that's where it's at Selah, pause, calmy think about that Think about the infinite, omnipotent, magnificent Mad significant God with an Immutable, immovable, unchangeable Nature, Jesus Christ the only Savior check the flavor