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Thesis Pieces (The Ambassador)

[Verse 1] Looks like it finally came around like the hands of a clock Praise to Yahweh Nissi Shout to the Banner—Shabach This LP is two sided—for the man on the block And for the flock who thinks keeping God's commandment is hot On one side we wanna represent Christ to the Culture Hip-Hop mostly knows Him for making tight little posters Or a sculpture, but they can't view Him like they're supposed to 'Cause the gospel's never been preached to them like its' supposed to And the life in Christ has never even looked like an answer Except for locked up crooks and Big Mas with cancer So, Ambassador is back to give you his thesis The greatest need in Hip-Hop is the input of Jesus [Hook] It's the thesis we need this The story in short Hip-Hop properly submitted to the glorious Lord It's problematic 'cause It can be scary to like But... Jesus makes everything right (2x) [Verse 2] My topic—the redemption of Hip-Hop you got it But I told you that this thesis is at least two sided Can't just introduce Christ to the culture like an evangelist The church needs to be schooled on hip-hop culture so plan for this I'm a Christian admitin' were wastin' our wisdom if we don't engage the streets, peep the nation of Islam They promote a better culture and faith integration But no resurrection or message of grace that can save men So God's diggin' in the meeting place Looking for those needing grace To launch out from the over crowded breeding space What will He find? Just what He designed—Hip-Hop's got missionaries He brought up for these times [Hook]