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What A Relief (The Ambassador)

[Chorus] You know we live among tough guys who say they ruff ride But, ahh, what a relief it is to be in Jesus You know we live among tough guys who say they ruff ride But I've seen them meet Elohim and no more tough side [Verse 1] There's an attack on Christ in hip hop That's like a man in Timberlands getting' dissed by a man in flip-flops Will it stop, yes but not until we get dropped Then Jesus universally will get props It's not wise in my eyes for small guys To dis Jesus Christ and be some so called "gods" Your all off sides, your blind to the fact that God the Son takes lives And one day will make them all rise Just to judge them, find out what you thought of Him Did you love Him, or was He just a dime a dozen My mic's plugged in to confront the average rap star Or the rap listener chillin' in you phat car The facts are no matter what your stats are Most R&B and rap are tracks that make God pull out the hacksaw And disconnect them cause they won't respect Him Once you get Him flexing then I'm jettin' cause then no one can protect them [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 2] As I drop I've got you stopped like the red octagon I never said I could rhyme, I only said, "God's the bomb!" When the mic is mine Jesus will be in it every time It's hard to keep fans when the Man's up in every line But that's ok my pay day came when Yahweh visited Calvary Crushed His son to pay my salary Bet it, let it be know we're all indebted One sin overcharged our credit To the grave we were headed, the spiritual paralytics Then Christ came to save like the paramedics Check it---almost naked, with His arms spreader Still said, "Come on with it, the Law, the prophets and the Psalms said it" And now I get it, a chance to make a record what me set it Off for Jesus who gets rejected On the regular I bet you the secular mind makes You think mankind is on the rise like the crime rate The wickeder the jam, the more money that it makes But the more that it takes to break the patty cake Child like mental state, my pencil breaks Trying to write lyrics to infiltrate you must be unregenerate [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 3] I'm no holier than thou pal, I'm not bashin' you I just want to be frank like a Hebrew National Get it straight the human race's a death row inmate One liberates, but He's the one that most men hate When sin takes or should I say took the world captive Death came after, then universal disaster Just before they wrote the final chapter Out of the blue the best made a move like a true chess master And absolutely brought sin and death to its knees By dying on a tree with no leaves---true indeed Jesus is who He be, the only One that saves men From the heavenlies but down to earth like the pavement Cheer this champion, no more dissin' Him On the count of three start kissin' him 1,2,3-ahhh feel the romance of the Father Abba, The lover man with more rank than Shabba Some think death ends the drama, but I'm a Remind you death is not a period it's just a comma [Repeat Chorus to fade]