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The Red Theatre (Brodequin)

Low thunder of the widow's blade rattles deep within the bones of those gathered To witness the performance Straps tightened under the arms and head placed within a perfect circle Preventing movement in any way roars of revenge devour the squires of mercy Stumbling across the platform intoxicated from a heartening draught screaming in Support of the decree the crowd awaits in the shadow of the guillotine An assistant pulls the ears to keep the skin on the neck taught sun glistens On the edge feverishly awaiting the drop Blade quickly released administering justice to keep the peace save your... The last words uttered just before the head severed falls into a basket of iron A fountain of blood soaks the assistant as the body is pushed into a leather Lined basket final breath of life expelled from the lungs state sanctioned Depravity upholding the laws of liberty equality and fraternity