There's More To Makin' Love (than Layin' Down) (Stigers Curtis)

You got a dirty little secret You got rocks in your head You went looking for love pretty baby Ended up in someone else's bed You got the heat and the passion You got the cash and the clothes But you're still living a lie little girl And you don't even want to know Just keep your eyes closed and go home alone You can't make love without heart and soul honey There's more to makin' love than gettin' around You can't make love outta sex and drugs and money There's more to makin' love There's more to makin' love Than layin' down Sounds like the perfect situation Sounds like no strings attached But who's gonna hold you when the party's over And everybody wants their real lives back Who's gonna be here to thrill you When the beast goes back in the cage Who's your Romeo and Juliet When all the other actors want to leave the stage Mama never told you there'd be days like these And daddy never guessed you'd be on your knees In the gutter baby All you really wanted was someone to hold But all you really got is left out in the cold With nothin' baby You got nothin'