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Stools And Rules (Beady Belle)

What is a present without the wrapping paper What is a hiding place that's been exposed What is a clown that doesn't cut a caper What is a song that's never been composed What is a book without enclosing cover What is a letter written with no ink What is adultery with no secret lover What is a glass for one who cannot drink What happens between the two stools That doesn't fit in the pigeonhole Is it there the exceptions that prove the rules Define the things beyond control What is a mirror that breaks into a thousand pieces And seven years of bad luck if you've never had such What is Virgin Mary if she didn't give birth to Jesus What is a stripper that refuses to undress What is a pipe dream without a future chapter What is nostalgia without memories of the past What is "cops and robbers" if no one is the captor What is permanence that doesn't last