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Tin Machine (Tin Machine)

Tin machine Tin machine Take me anywhere somewhere without alcohol Or goons with muddy hair Tin machine Tin machine Tin machine Tin machine The zombies that I pass The guy that beats his baby up The preachers and their past Tin machine Tin machine Tin machine Baby doll Baby doll Clarity and power There's more than money moving here There's mindless maggot glare Working horrors-humping Tories Spittle on their chins Carving up my children's future Read 'em pal and grin Raging raging raging Burning in my room Come on and get a good idea Come on and get it soon I'm waiting on the fire escape I'm not exactly well I'm neither red nor black nor white I'm gray and blown to hell Tin machine Tin machine Make some new computer thing That puts me on the moon Not this psycho-time-bomb planet Poised to meet its maker Shake a leg Tin machine Tin machine One sick deathless duty to remain endangered species They reach right out to touch someone Then wash their crusty hands Tin machine Tin machine Baby doll Baby doll Blue suede tuneless wonders Mass confusion-faithless blues Night that spews out watchmen Mopping up another fortune Fractured words and branca-sonic Anger trapped behind locked doors And right between the eyes