Plastic (Stereo Total)

Plastic surgery guilty is really of plastic heart She dresses up in plastic clothes And gets into her plastic car I wanna be plastic too! And be plastic friends with you! She took a trip to Amsterdam They told her it would do her well She had a plastic overdose In a cheap plastic hotel I wanna be plastic too! Less like me and more like you! Plastic, plastic, I am plastic. Plastic, plastic let's have some plastic to drink our ugly lies Plastic, plastic, I am plastic Plastic, plastic Plastic others all I'm dreaming of Plastic, plastic I am plastic Plastic politicians In a plastic world There's plastic suicide bombers Going to a plastic paradise I wanna be plastic too! And die from plastic ideas like you plastic. plastic, I am plastic Plastic plastic plastic bottles all I'm dreaming of plastic, plastic, I am plastic Plastic, Plastic let's have some plastic drink to our ugly lies plastic plastic, I am plastic x 4 too!