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Moon On The Rain (Fairground Attraction)

Jazz in a basement bar, the moon's on the rain Drunk too much, spent too much, penniless again Oh sweetheart where are you tonight I remember when we used to walk by the Thames The lights on the embankment like jewels on chains I'll never forget what you said at the start You said "I'll put a string of lights Around your heart" I've got your photograph, the one that you signed Tucked in my pocket, all tattered by time Oh sweetheart who's with you tonight Are you there at the roundabouts, down in the park Where you sneak through the railings When it's Locked after dark Is she learning the song you taught me at the start The one the bells and the banjos played On our hearts Now the bars are all empty, everybody's gone home Perhaps I'll walk down the embankment alone Oh sweetheart I'm glad that we met And that there's jazz in the basement bars And jewels on chains 'Cause I've drunk too much And spent too much But there's moon on the rain