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Fun For All The Family (The Monochrome Set)

The painter was dismissed today We paid him off and put him away He'd drawn us true to life and then He'd just refused to do it again For we were not amused at all To see a painting upon the wall Which clearly showed what fools were we To jealously guard a pedigree We were all so very concerned To see the commoners never learned That inter-breeding could be blamed For the decline of the regal brain Indeed the blood was truly blue But thinner with time, alas, we knew Now we are all a little insane And life can never be the same Mister Goya, we all declare Was most unkind and very unfair To paint us in the way he did As if the royals had lost their lids Damn it all, the family pets Were made to look a safer bet Because we give a regal hoot Somebody always cocks a snoot