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The Lighter Side Of Dating (The Monochrome Set)

Monster multispeed vibrator EverReady PP3 Coffee, ginseng, percolator Love cream and vitamin E Get hip, unzip your lip and flip out now Allow your jowl a howl and rip out now Miss Universe is not averse To bisexuality I think abortion is a caution And I like to ski Arab strap, 10” erection Vacuum pumps and padded pants Carrot juice for the complexion Stud 100, chocolate ants Get smart, and start to tart your heart with art Spread out your head and educate your parts Miss Solar System, when asked to list them Said she had no men I’m still a virgin, with no urge in Vote for my hymen Karma Sutra, Perfumed Garden Shave the legs to smooth from rough Esteé Lauder, Chanel, Arden Eyebrow pencil, powder puff Get high, untie your thigh and fly, Lotte Submerge in a dirge and emerge potty In silver bells and little else I wiggle and I sway I’ll either be a Penthouse Pet Or an easy lay