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The Midas Touch (The Monochrome Set)

I saw the shape of things to come The future in your eyes The love you always meant to give The bodyguard of lies The hunting dog, the heated bitch Le monsieur et madame We never gave our maiden names Waiting for a grand slam For he's the man with the Midas touch She was born with a silver spoon We came, we saw, we conquered you We conquered you The games are tough, the rules are hard The legacy is pain The wound was deep, the flesh unmarked To win was not to gain We played our hands with frozen hearts Toujours chemin de fer And human kindness played no part When we were free of care Deauville, Monaco, and Menton The people were amazed By the colourless blood we drew At tables of green baize People thought that we were in love But we were just a team We simply played at keeping fat When times were truly lean