Caught in da game (Sticky Fingaz)

Chorus] In these streets, where we from We all caught in the game Tryna pull our life out of the drain If you don't make it, you the one to blame In this life, that we live We only tryna survive It's hard with the blind leading the blind Everybody here stuck in the grind [Sticky Fingaz] They said I was crazy, nigga sick in the head Who raised me? My mother was sick in the bed How could you blame me? On the block gettin that bread They couldn't change me, too hot, dippin them feds I made a promise, not to go back to jail Under my garments, gun tuck, packin that steel But reguardless, this nigga here is out of the field Now my partners is only money, that's real I got my mind made up, my shine ain't up Until I'm in that casket, my time ain't up Tell you bout my lifestyle, I'll walk you through First mix the Louie wit the Johnnie-Walker blue Now peep the hooptie, I'm followed by my crew Hundred thou' in jewelry when the God come through I kept it thorough with my ear to the streets Now we gettin Cash Money without the gold teeth [Chorus] [Sticky Fingaz] I done seen pain, felt pain and lived pain nigga Half my life in these streets down the drain Analyze the game through the eyes of my father Had to feel my way through with the revolver That goes to tell you he ain't show me nothin Mad at the world when they ain't owe me nothin So I apply pressure, why not for more measure And more cake, we turn hoods to whole states For my real niggaz, dressed in greens is upstate Trapped in that cold cell with no bail We ain't mean to hurt nobody to get them dollars up Half my niggaz goin dead'll push ya flowers up I'm fresh out the county, with no shoe laces They thought they could stop us with probation? We just live on the run and switch up locations Play the future by the air until it's time to face it [Chorus] (???) Young niggaz stay hungry for war Bred and raised by hustlers and whores Born the struggle in this jungle, escape poor While the White House got ten rooms with ten blind doors I was born to fight for what's right, by the day and night Prayin for life cause shit ain't tight in these streets That's why I stay squeezin my heat And strippin life from mammals A hungry young hustler ready to gamble For a better way of livin so fuck sittin in prison Cause every niggaz a ? victimized by the system Cops and cellblocks, why hell rots Young thugs from Queens to ? Slugs give shellshocks in these streets where funeral bells knock [Chorus]