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I Don't Know (Sticky Fingaz)

[Chorus: repeat 2X] I don't know what I want to do with you I don't know what I want to do without you I don't know what I'm gonna do about you, you, you, you Let's go, Starsky and Hutch man Fire and Stick Light ya blunts up, light ya blunts up Yo, yo [Fredro Starr] I'm 'bout to hit the club I don't know, on which truck I'm drivin tonight It's like, I don't know, on which ho I'm fuckin tonight But yo, I don't know, where should I take her To the edge water cliffs or back to Southside Jamaica Bitches be like, I don't know, where they get they clothes from Industry like, I don't know, where they get they flows from Niggaz be like, I don't know, where they get they dough from Posin up in the clubs with guns or wrist frozen I don't know, nothin when the cops come, I act dumb I don't know, what weed officer? What gats, huh? I don't know, shit I told the judge, this is love my nigga, this is negative love Sticky my cous' said [Sticky Fingaz] I don't know, how the hell I got home last night I don't know, how I blew twenty g's in one night I don't know, but all I remember's two hos from Virginia out cold like December Neighbors be like, I don't know, how could they afford that crib they in I don't know, what these boys do for a livin, shoot I don't know, but it must be drugs cause they have wild parties and they dress like thugs Ask myself but, I don't know, why I flooded the watch, flooded the chain I don't know, why I copped the Benz at a hundred and change I don't know, why I'm stuck in my ways And took back the new Hummer when I seen the new Range They all say [Chorus] [Sticky Fingaz] Yo, where the money at? I don't know What? You better tell me where the safe at, I don't know Don't say that one more time, I ain't playin that, I don't know Ugh, that's the last straw, cocked back the four, put his brains on the wall I'm in the club and, I don't know, if these little groupies is givin it up I don't know, should I try to spit game to her friend or just her? I don't know, what the hell I told her Though I took her home by the morn', ended up with both of them [Fredro Starr] A'yo it musta been God yo cause, I don't know How we made it out of them projects I don't know, should I cop the Benz Coupe or the drop Lex I don't know, should I do it out of spite, twenty niggaz on the bikes, doin wheelies to the lights Hos was like, I don't know, I guess they from New York the way that they talk I don't know, I guess she from L.A. the way that she walk I don't know, on where you want to chill Put your ass on the back and we could slide through the hill Baby it's real, I don't know, on what you fools thinkin you musta forgot I don't know, why your bitches call me fire, cause a nigga hot I don't know, I gutted to Medina, look butter in the Beema, chicks love me in the fever Kids is like yo [Chorus]