I Love Da Streets (Sticky Fingaz)

This might sound crazy but I love suffering, I love struggle, I love pain Cause what don't kill you make you stronger nigga And I'm as strong as they come [Chorus] I love the streets Cause that's what made me me Without the streets baby I couldn't eat I love the streets And although we was po' Without struggle boy you can't grow I love the streets And even though we sold drugs And paid for it in blood I love the streets No matter what happend to me My hood or your hood, it's all good I love the streets [Sticky Fingaz] Right now my life don't mean an awful lot If I died today who think the world gon' stop? There's a million niggaz just like me on the block It's either entertainment or sports or sellin that rock Think the judge gon' take ya word over a cops? You be just another nigga that they stick in the box But we are the streets, what other choice we got? Then to go hard, give them niggaz all we got Fuck that, as long as I got breath in my lungs I'm livin my life, waitin for my death to come If you made it out the hood then God blessed you son But if your fam there you ain't out lesson one Gotta spread around nigga that's what's real to me Turn on the news, swear the shit be killin me y'all from the streets probly ain't feelin me You could take me out the hood but it's still in me [Chorus] [Omar Epps] Fools is fake, I come through with the ghoulish face Take small step, big moves I make I could put it to your face then choose your fate Everyday Thanksgivin, for me two plates Yeah we do grace, God bless it all From the mess hall to the boulervard with the dead dogs When we cough and spit, guns they speak The same language is the bullets, who talkin shit? Yo Pac if ya listenin they got the game twisted Talkin bout the hate you gave little infants Fuck everybody here today, place ya ways And ya fade away like the memory of Gotti Take it back to '90, last year highschool Didn't graduate though, still had to make dough That's my word, word for word I understood it all Had big dreams though the hood is small [Chorus]