Just Like Us (Sticky Fingaz)

featuring Geneveese & X-1) This is as close you gon' get to the streets without gettin shot [Chorus] In the streets Cock guns and bust yo' heat In the streets Where we live and die for beef In the streets Hos'll set you up, get blood on your sheets In the streets By any means we gon' eat In the streets Sellin drugs you might blow up In the streets They got hos to set you up In the streets Even police is corrupt In the streets There's a million niggaz just like us [Sticky Fingaz] I swear I ain't been the same since they had to bury my pops I'm uncivilized like I was raised in a box I'm told get your sister raped nigga makin you watch Fuck the cops, fuck the world, I'm above the law They can't catch me, what you think the gloves is for? Got your ear to the street, you ain't hearin me Motherfucker, the streets got they ear to me Speak my name, better think careful duke Like when clingin on to life who gon' be there for you? Get blood on they seats, drive you to the hospital Nobody!!! Cause you goin to hell I got an image to protect and records to sell Besides a one sided story is easy to tell My poster on the wall only way you see me in jail Sticky Fingaz nigga, the legend, the myth Niggaz get shot everytime I shoot the gift [Chorus] [X-1] I banged out in dorms and tore mouths off While yall run to cops as soon as it pops off I can't respect lames when I'm knowin you soft That's why I feel the pain for my thugs up north No regrets in this world, not one care No respect for this world without no peers They did me wrong for years, I'm finally gettin back Never sheaded a tear seein niggaz on they back Lord knows it hurts to put his people in the dirt Bullet holes in shirts and chumps buried in skirts Prayin to God is hard, these streets don't play But you gotta keep up your guard and hope the pain go away I'm from where they shoot street lights out And you gotta yell to talk over passin trains And watch who you fuck with when passin 'cain Cause them same fists'll get your wrists trapped in chains, nigga [Chorus] [Geneveese] My killers move triggers and set firearms off Smoke the type of blunts that set fire alarms off One shot'll blow your face, chest and your arms off Murderin Guiliani for all the pain that he's causin Launderin dirty laundry through banks of corporate ? Shit doctors can only calm me til the drugs wear off One pump of the sawed-off and your squad'll be hauled off Dropped her off in the car lock, locked in the trunk of the car Shit's official, we spittin through government issue 40 automatic pistols rippin through brain tissue Stuffin coke up wit your bitch I'll piss through And a black on black lambo, puffin on A Line Of Crystal! Under our politics, codes of the street Never negotiate with killers with intentions of breach Only associate with villains if you willin to bleed Cause leakin'll get your mother hogtied and brutally beat [Chorus]