Let's Do It (Sticky Fingaz)

(featuring Columbo & X-1) Fuck niggaz though it was man? Right, right, uh-huh I'ma holla at 'em dog Nah mean Got my nigga, Mike be South suicide Queens X-million, bout to tear it down wit my nigga You know? Stick holla at 'em dog [Sticky Fingaz] I'm gettin tired of the war stories, kid I heard 'em all And before they could fake and make up another one that's false I'ma take it and break it down, so y'all could knock it off It's my call, in my corner they too soft Mr. I-Don't-Give-A-Fuck, don't need much But heat in the truck, weed in the dutch, beats I'm beatin 'em up Streetsweepin 'em up, niggaz deals is suckers More than the game, don't let the fame go to your brain I'm still in the rain, where lives get caught in the drain It's nothin to me, niggaz ain't fuckin wit me I dump at your v and leave you niggaz slumped in your seat Jump if it's beef, but wolves need somethin to eat Nigga dollar signs cover my eyes, gucci material Bottom line, hand on my nine wit no serial First class flights and TV's is digital [Chorus] You could bust guns and get it right homey Up in the club, we came to get it gully Smoke weed, drink henny, man get it ugly Hard liquor for sure, cause we don't pop bubbly Load up your steel, nigga dump it only We don't talk, true story, all about our money From the streets we ride, you know our style homey If shorty want to bounce wit us then she out homey [X-1] Shit, cause it's all official Load your pistol, I ain't right and I'm sure to hit you Shoot through walls, you could die with your bitch too So ladies, get out the way first You gotta be kiddin dog, I got to spray first, nigga Turn your promotional van into a hearse Oh, bitches love the way I sit in the drop, pull up in the spot They suck cock off the strength of the watch Lil' homey, and that's alone Fuck you got guns for if your gats at home? You need to have 'em on your waste like me Run, duck, hide from the jake like me Been around the world on fake ID I got businesses, shot witnesses Bottom line: X-1 is hot with this shit [Chorus] [Columbo] Yo woozy, googly and cookie Roofies and usually on two-three Luny, disrespectful and moody Stupid, I hate the world I'm too into me Drink until I throw up and smoke until I tweak Can't see me settle for less until I peak Two milly, I'm too willy Fifty thousand pills a week, I'm too filthy Stocks and realty, crops and feel we Scotch and wisky, I pop til I'm twisty Talented and gifty, fuck til I'm limp D I'm so empty, everybodies finish