Oh My God (Sticky Fingaz)

(Sticky Talking) C'mon man - oh my fucking God man.. Oh shit, what the fuck did I do? It's all my fucking fault man, it's all my fucking fault Fuck man, fuck am I doing man, why man Why God, why did you have to take her? Fuck.. [Sticky] Why? Why? Why God why? Everything I love always seems to die Answer me, speak to me, I don't hear you Answer me, motherfucker I ain't scared of you Is there even a God? Do you even exist? What I gotta do to speak to you slit my wrists? I'm talking to a God that I can't see Can you see me? Can you see me? [God] Are you confused my son, and scared? Let me make things more clear, so you're more aware [Sticky] Fuck who was that all this shit is freaking me [God] It is I God did you not say you wanted to speak with me? [Sticky] Bullshit I am talking to myself, I'm going insane [God] You are talking to yourself we are one of the same [Sticky] It can't be it must be the drugs I'm high And if you are then why are we born if we live to die? Is there life after death? What were we before birth? Why is this whole earth plagued and cursed? Is killing a sin is there life in other planets? Is adultery wrong did you write the ten commandments? [God] Excuse me my son, one question at a time We were never born, and we will never die In the essence, there Is no such thing as death How could I write commandments and not have them kept? The soul is eternal you just change form Then you come back with a new face on You can not limit love unless you lack understanding To answer you yes there is life in other planets The futures a mystery the past is history Today is a gift that's why it is called the present Life is so simple unless you make it confusing The wise ones stand us and the clever we are using [Sticky] Wait - God, there is so much I want to ask you God, God? Where are you? God I need to talk to you [Chorus] If you could talk to God, exactly what would you say? If you could talk to God, exactly what would you say? If you could talk to God [Sticky] Tell me, are there psychics that can speak telepathically? [God] Yes but if you use more than one tenth of the minds capacity [Sticky] I can't think I feel life going down the drain In the streets everywhere I am surround in pain [God] Don't think, your thoughts are just that- thoughts Your feelings will really erase what you been taught Feelings are the language of the soul the soul is truth I speak through you to aware the youth [Sticky] But why let the suffering go on why not just stop it? [God] In order for anything to exist, so much is opposite How can there be left if there was never right? How can something know death if it never knew life? How can you lose, if nobody won? How can it be dark if there was never a sun? That which is not grandeur, the soil still blessed Form must exist for part of themself to manifest [Sticky] But I never asked to be born, I hate my life And if you are God dammit then show me the light And tell me- what's the meaning of life? [God] The process of all life is an ongoing, never-ending process of recreation of self [Sticky] Is God a he or she is there one true religion? [God] I'm the Alpha, the Omega, the beginning and ending We are all one and everything is living [Chorus] If you could talk to God, exactly what would you say? If you could talk to God, exactly what would you say? If you could talk to God