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What Chu Want (Sticky Fingaz)

[Sticky and X1] Watchu want? Watchu want? Watchu want? Watchu want? Watchu want? Everything I could get Watchu want? Watchu want? Watchu want? ....I want it all Watchu want? Yo Yo ....I want everything.... I want everything Yo Yo Sticky Fingaz ...X1 Wha! ..Official Nas Yo Yo Yo [Chorus: Sticky and X1] I want the coke spots cartell the drug blocks I want mad guns four 5's and magnums I want my own club mad dough wit no love I want a dumb chick carry work or bust trips I want my own hood projects to boulevards I want to wild out smoke blunts and blow hard I want more clothes ill crib and wardrobes I want your ice, your wife, or your life [X1] Yo Yo....The bottom line is I want everything the credit cards to the wedding ring Outta state strips would have to be basic 98 percent shit they could fiend brain shit face it X1 no doubt I'm way sick I need weed spots at least 2 on each block You got 1s I got big heads in my knot How bout a drop top cranberry six wit deep dish Whore house wit nothin but cheap chicks Now peep this I want to be rich Its no secret, but I was always known as a thief I want in on every crack sold in da street Holdin' da heat on top till I'm old wit no teeth Blast 3 through your artery its hard killin me I love artillery particularly ap 1's is my specialty Especially I want ya'll to know Fuck ya'll niggas if you ain't feelin' me [Chorus: Sticky and X1] I want drop tops, chop shops, and pay cops I want to lay low wit police on pay roll I want the ill scam 5 g's off 10 grams I want hydro 5 pounds in garbage cans I want a bad bitch fat ass with no flaws I want 2 of dem' twins witout no draws I want cell phones, fast cars, and mad chrome I want a crack house so fiends could black out [Sticky Fingaz] I want a hundred mil tax free in big unmarked bills If I don't get it, tampons for the blood I'm'a spill I just want pull da trigger for the love of the thrill I just want battle niggas for they publishin' deals I'm greedy, selfish, I hate this shit Want a different burner everyday to match my fear, What Meet Janet and Jennifer to have a threesome Fall out gettin brain don't wake up till 3 sumthin Want beef? nigga we could go squeeze nines Till you dead or wavin white flags and peace signs Want all my niggas free that got strikes three times And so much ice on my watch I could freeze time You violate, you get clapped in da head Want Big and Machiavelli to come back from the dead Want that cL500 coupe, chromed out platinum, (backround: whatchu mean?) What am i sayin', I got one [Chorus: Sticky and X1] I want more tecks, your presidential rolex I want 9 lives, you gotta kill me 9 times I want air play, from New York To L.A. I want to murder shit, get caught and get away with it I want the good weed, light green with no seeds I want to e-class, rob banks wit ski masks I want the basics, ice chains and bracelets, I want your necklace, the keys to your lexus I want to hotel, strictly for dope sales I want Bo guard, max out your gold card I want to hit stars, spend money in strip bars I want to crime spree, bucket off sky free I want lump sums, cds and trust funds I want your wack rappers to stop biten my clik I want your props, I want your whole crew not, I want you punk niggas, just to get off my dick What! What! Watchu want? What! What! What! Watchu want? Watchu want? Watchu want? Watchu want?Watchu want? I want it all... Watchu want? I want everything... Watchu want?.. I want the whole fuckin world know wat I'm sayin?.....