Thru The Rhythm (13th Floor Elevators)

Thru the rhythm of darkened times Painted black by knowledge crimes And repetitions pointless mime Instilling values the sick define That keeps the fabric that keeps you blind And ties your hands and cloaks your mind But on my stilts, I'm above the slime Come on up if you can make the climb, but who am I? Who am I? Who am I? I've smelled the stench from the fumes that rise From the books that rehash the same old lies I felt the panic that they disguise In the forms of laws of every size I've heard the teachers whine and make me drop out like flies But you know they teach you nonsense, cause they can't blind your eyes I've seen the fools gold that they pawn off as their prize To the average standard the norm supplies, but where am I? Where am I? Where am I? You've gobbled all the blessings they caused you to digest They may be hard to swallow, but they keep your tongue depressed Your scattered whims were born depressed So when something slams your chest You flutter about, you're sleek distressed And when you stop to ease your breast A scattered rim leaves you obsessed While solid thoughts are soon suppressed, but where are you? Oh, where are you? Hey! Where are you? Where are you? Where are you?