S.A.M.S.P.A.R.R.O. (Sam Sparro)

My name is S.A.M.S.P.A. double R.O. jazam, And I grew up into a man from a baby in a pram. I've got a lot to say, I've got a lot to do, And hopefully very soon I'll be in a town near you. We can party all night, I'll entertain the crowd, If you're anything like me you like to hear it loud. I said Jamaica, Japan, and all around, Just dip your chubby cheeks to my funky sound. The future; I've seen it, I know what it's like, And so you better listen up, When I'm kissing the mic, There's lots of robots, machine guns, no air to breathe, So make sure you've got an oxygen tank up your sleeve. The S is for Sexy and the A is for Aggressive, The M is for Music at which I'm quite impressive, The other S is for Seductive and the P for Peaceful, The A is for 'Allo because it's nice to meet you, The reason there's two Rs because I'm twice as rude, And the O for Oh my God I'll put you in the mood, No, no don't wanna be a hipster but a big star, And I wanna see my name tattooed where your tits are, So if you get bored listening to the grey kid, Be prepared to be blown away by a gay kid, Oh shit! What's your name again, man? Oh shit! Do you drive a blue van? Oh shit! Haven't I seen you before? Oh shit! Making people look stupid on the dance floor? Party all night, Just party all night, Now baby party all night, Just just party all night [x4]