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How Does It Feel? (Pharrell Williams)

Wooo wooo! [in background] Yessur! aha New Skateboard P Hey! Let's go get 'em uh-huh yo, hola [Verse 1] Mearle maire, club muchacho Asorted flavours, in they solatos Inspire young minds, stacked by Nato's With the right determination of a patho Running 'cross the water with bricks at his poncho Face like a shoot when it's bussin' my glock hold Vanity stings, 'til I die when the holy father hands me my wings When I was young yo the teacher gave me stanity dreams Giving me music like drugs and they handed me things, they shoot it up See me on the TV, the cuties they wanna fuck Both presidental and plus, they hoop it up Got more hits in his zip, who want enough I can go back in time, you be Judge Eato With my men and ?? I know you thinkin' Neato Givin' peace to minutes, something like your T-Vo But it's 3 hundred thousand more with no remote Take it in the rain, I used to live with Tito But he clowned me and told me that my money's free-doughs Now the Enzo doors go up like a Dilo Reon, same song some from my man Nigo SLR, when the doors go up it's like a fresh elle jar Nigga we boss, he shall not get hot, he too frost Yessur... [Bridge] My nigga close your eyes, Just picture you're self just holdin' pies Impliment a plan and and you'll surely rise Just promised by the man that controls the skies Don't you see, I know that shit's so ill Better yet, dawg, just tell me how you feel ...How you feel dawg? [Chorus] We just picture thinking, dreaming, scheming, breathing, reading, all in the late night Shaking, boiling, lacing, bacon, shaking, shaping, gotta get this cake right As I serve it, you just burn it, breathe it, learn it, now watch you take flight ...My nigga how does it feel? Ha ha! Yessur! [Verse 2] Nigga you don't know me I'm part Howard Hues, part horny, part holy First trip on the ramp is the rock and rolly Keep one on my staff with a new pro-chromy If they priest need the mention that I've been biten But a force be the chocolate where critics are written He dresses insane where his music admire Ask anyone from Vouge and Esquire And Vanity Fair you like can of the year But you should guess who's in insanity chair Now it ain't about what I want Still thumbing through my life like a drug-star porn It's one thing to say you did it It's one thing to lie about your didgits It's one thing to say that you live it It's another for you fuckers to admit it But I admit I got all this paper plus the prettiest faces that's off of our nature I drive a Casper, s'cuse me Cassper, wanted meet me at my house, I got space like NASA And it'll make me happy buy yourself a Sattle Unlike my sister Stacy when she lost her papa I been there, gettin stroke and nothing to trap-uh John could do, when surrounded with true A man dies, baby born, as far as Peru It's a simple proof between us and imposters We hop in the air, and don't care what it costs us Now I'm with NERD with a pit full of Martians I guess you could say that we fly like saucers Zapping at niggas, with classing and figure The cash and class whippers The thrashing mag ripper Go 'head and say it (you a rappin' ass nigga) Yessur! [Bridge] [Chorus] Nigga you don't know me...