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Keep It Playa (Pharrell Williams)

[Slim Thug] Say P, man the other day, boy I'm at the club, mane with this broad or whatever. I walk in, I see her talkin' to some dude or whatever uknowhaimsayin. So I-I holler at her, I say 'Aye man, check this out man, I seen you over there hollarin at ol' boy. I ain't hatin' on that, uknowhaimsayin'. But I got a friend comin' through, too. So when you see her, don't trip, uknowhaimsayin', keep it playa mane, uknowhaimsayin'. [beat starts] So my broad shows up or whatever, mane. This girl wanna take a swang at her, mane. [Pharrell] That ain't right. My man favourite record right here (uh-uh-uh), (uh-uh-uh) haha, (uh-uh-uh) yessur (uh-uh-uh) P's chick (uh-uh-uh) [Veres 1: Pharrell] Before you say it's cheaper to keep her We consider and read her Man, she might be the type that want P to feed her She wants a little cheaper, a little margarita Mane, them draws comin' off when she see the two-seater So put your Porche up, (uh) Get your divorce up, (uh) I'm sure she'll sign it when she seen me put my doors up Mane, them niggas only wanna mother-fucker here She threw her heels in the ocean, so she stuck to chill The trunk is still, hopin' there's something between ya Now she laughin' how she took your ass to the cleaners Mane, I'm on your side, not tryna inconvient Just know we got them mean keys in them plastic meaners So keep it player dawg, Don't make me say it, naw Do something drastic, know that plastic heavy weighing, dawg If it ain't music, or this money, I don't play at all And she ain't either, so that means she doesn't weight at all [Chorus] Now we can both post sip or keep it playa mane And we can both pull a misses, keep it playa mane Or we grind our wrists and keep it playa mane Or you can scram cocksuck if you a hater mane I keep 'em ladies going uh-uh-uh, uh-uh-uh (haa), uh-uh-uh (yea), uh-uh-uh [Verse 2: Slim Thug] I'm a grown mane, Thug ain't the one to play no games with ya Thug the one to call and come get out the chain with ya And hang with ya, when ya full of Patrone And oh yeah, brang one of ya cute partnas along Because I'm only 25, and still going live I got the estate by the pool, by the lake outside I wake up and gotta pick which car I'ma drive The Doubble R 760, or the 645, I'm Havin' thangs, mane, check out the chain Money aint never been a thang You see watch and the rang (the watch and the rang) Rocks the nicest, never seen nuthin' like this I'ma Boss I on' ask what it cost, my life priceless Baby girl you might just Get the shatter shine Long as you not selfish or learn to share sometimes And of course I'm still you'res and you're still mine But you can't be a hater, mane You gotta keep it playa, mane [Chorus] [Verse 3: Pharrell] They say JLo shouldn't show her ass and all Knowin' the worst thing could happen is a nigga could palm Now my angent sayin' the only way that he could be calm I put a hundred mil on each song, like my name was LaBron (whaa) Not the ice, my beat is worth more Attractive like a whole damn Jacob store See niggas hate you more when you take they broad But his girl looked in my ear and seen her matrix door Dude's is foolish, they hues us to chew us I mean, the smirfs, the green, the rocks is so bluish You can't out bling me, or BBC jean me You ain't got no vibe, you can go and ask MiMi I think and relay it I blink and PJ it You wanna make fast bucks, take this and Ebay it And all you Phantom owners know why you can't stand me Got one in Virigina 'nother one in Miami Yessur [Chorus]