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Our Father (Pharrell Williams)

Ou Father, Which art in heaven Im so grateful Of all the beautiful things That you are allowing me to see Birds, Bees The ability to do what I do The opportunities I know you love me now And i think it's time And my duty, to tell the world (jesus is my daddy im tellin' you, oh) ... don't let me fall You watch for who im friends with I got tattoos, you forgive me You know im so sensitve You know im chased by women You know mt mind is drivin' To you my heart is givin'...oowww [Chorus] You're the greatest You're the greatest (wow wow) you're the greatest (Jesus is my daddy im telling you) Your're the greatest Don't let me fall They don't understand What you do for me (do foe me) And nothing by my actions They don't I believe (I believe) Not talking 'bout what I wear When i drivin' where i sleep I mean the ability to hear, feel and sleep [Chorus] Thank you for my brothers Thank you for my daddy (daddy)