Somewhere Across Forever (Stellastarr*)

I'll run away with you We can build a goldmine We'll cross the Sahara child I'll be the truth for you Home life, no life, I've been livin'here without you New home, New York, I've been livin'here without you I've been awake, we can build our own world We can run away from ourselves if we knew who we were Blue eyes, blue hair, not going to leave here without you Blew my chances, chances, chances Ooh Let's go When I finally find the words I'll be coming back to you If I decide to rule the world I'm still coming back for you...For you (16x) Dreamin' what your seeing and knowing that I can read it, it's all for you I can see it in your eyes and even though I lied, it was all for you Here I am waiting without you